Wolf Brand Scooters

Wolf is an American owned and operated scooter company, dominating the affordable top-quality scooter market. Over the last decade, Wolf has become a huge hit and household name in college and beach towns across the nation. Sold only at the best-of-the-best scooter shops, ensuring you have the ultimate scooter purchasing experience followed up with excellent customer service and support.


Maybe you like the idea of leaving a smaller foot print, or spending $5 a week on gas instead of $40? Or being able to zip down to the grocery store, grab a coffee, or cruise on over to a friend’s house for game night. Whatever the reason, there never is a wrong one for owning and enjoying a scooter.



If you’re going to college at Central Florida’s UF, or maybe at MI’s Michigan State University, or perhaps the University of Iowa, you’re sure to see a Wolf Brand Scooter everywhere you go! A favorite amongst America’s College students across the nation.Of course due to awesome looking scooters built with the absolute best quality components, in super fun colors to choose from, and all with a tiny affordable price tag. You just can’t go wrong with a Wolf!


Head down to Key West, or up to Miami, Miami Beach, or even Panama City-Florida, and you’re sure to see a very happy tourist (probably very tan and smelling of coconut) cruising down the street on a Wolf, happy as a clam. With a scooter as cute as the Islander, or maybe a classic-retro Jet, going to the beach just got a whole lot more fun!


Are these items on your list?
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Only dollars in gas a week
  • Easy parking
  • Fun, Fast, and Cool

Then YES a Wolf is for you!
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