For more than twenty years, Genuine Scooters has been creating passionate two-wheel scooter enthusiasts in a way we never thought possible when we launched the business out of an old warehouse in Chicago. From our humble beginnings then, to our thankfully thriving business today, Genuine has only had one goal in mind: Bring a better scooter to the United States. And, we’ve stayed true to that goal, by partnering with some of the best gas-powered scooter manufacturers in the world who produce the Buddy, Roughhouse, Kick, Hooligan, Urbano, Brio, and GT150 scooters along with many other bikes in our line-up.

Genuine has expanded its product line to include motorcycles and eBikes, while also entering into an exclusive partnership with NIU. This collaboration allows us to offer a full line of electric scooters in various styles and displacements, enhancing our range of mobility solutions.

Genuine’s love of two wheels has remained the same since those humble beginnings all those years ago. We want everyone to feel the same passion and excitement that we do when we take one of our scooters or motorcycles for a ride

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